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Current episodes as of 5/13/22

Meet us and see why we think that people will get better healthcare if they advocate for themselves. We are harshly realistic and sometimes cynical but we'll tell you how it is, and raise questions you might not have thought about. We've seen a lot of good medicine and a lot of bad and we want our listeners to be able to tell the difference.  

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By doctor, we mean physician, Nurse Practitioner, or Physician Assistant/Physician Associate. We talk about where to find a good one and what you should expect of them. We talk about credentials and how to check them and know what kind of licenses there are. How to avoid marketing hype and understand ratings.

Finding good care for yourself and your family is not always easy. We discuss the differences between good and bad clinicians and how to avoid future problems. We'll give you some "red flags" to avoid bad medicine and examples of good care and bad care. We believe that a good healthcare consumer will raise the bar for clinics and, especially, corporate medicine entities. We discuss the idea of good and bad followup.

To assure a good clinical visit, we discuss what the patient needs to do to get good care and what you should expect, at the very minimum, from an initial visit to a primary physician or specialist. You have to leave the session with the feeling that you've been taken seriously and that a plan is in place.

We talk about the difference between an MD, a DO, NP and PA and the difference between primary care and specialty care. We tell you how to check if someone is actually qualified to call themself a specialist. We discuss the many types of medical and surgical specialties and who might meet your needs the best. A very practical overview of medicine.

In the coming weeks...

We talk about the different types of headaches and how to find help to cope and get rid of them.

In development

We will continue to cover timely topics and practical guidance in medical topics, including some phone interviews with experts in the fields of hospice, elder care, sleep disorders, headache, psychiatry, and other topics brought to our attention by reader email. So if we see a lot of requests for certain topics, we will approach them. Please subscribe to the podcast series so we can reach as many people as possible.

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